Aerial Video and Photography

We have qualified ICARUS pilots and operate both Quadcopters and Hexacopters depending upon the work required.

In general the Quadcopters are more than capable, and the Hexacopter is only brought into use when broadcast quality is required for Film and TV work. We can provide you with both Aerial Video and Aerial Still Photographs in 16 Megapixel. Work carried out by our Pilot and Camera team includes:

  • Film and TV work
  • Corporate Aerial videos
  • Corporate Still Photographs
  • Aerial survey work such as Chimney , Eaves, and roof inspections

We hold the required ‘Permission to Fly’ from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and we operate within the laws given by the CAA. These include a minimum of 50m distance from people or objects ‘not under our control’, a maximum altitude of 400 ft and more. We will liasie with all relevant authorities when required to get the footage you require within these laws which may include contacting Control towers of any Airfields when operating within 15 miles of runways.

Guideline prices

  • Single Pilot with quadcopter (4k/1080p or 16mp still footage) £550 per half day, £1000 per day
  • Pilot and spotter with Quadcopter (4k/1080p or 16mp still footage) £690 per half day, £1250 per full day
  • Pilot and camera operator with Hexacopter (4k, 1080p, 21mp still images) £900 per half day, £1600 per full day
  • We require a spotter to ensure the safety of those around us, these can be your own people or supplied by us at £140 per half day, £250 per full day.
  • Transport is charged at £0.45 per mile in both directions. All prices plus VAT

Please contact us to talk about the best way to acheive your video needs.